I, like many entrepreneurs, often struggle with meeting my goals because I'm  too distracted or busy to focus on strategic tasks that will move my business forward. So creating clarity about what’s really important is critical.

But how?

That’s where Gary Keller's excellent book The ONE Thing made a huge difference.

It gives you a methodology for identifying your ONE thing and how to execute on it in a practical way. Gary argues that you should identify the ONE thing that if you were to achieve it, it would make everything else easier or even unnecessary.

So if you haven’t read the book yet, do that right away.

Here's My ONE thing for 2017

Last year, I helped my students purchase over 300 units – which has been awesome. I’m so proud of them for doing their first deal. It has changed their family's lives.

If I ask “what’s the one thing I could do that would make everything else easier or even unnecessary” it’s this:

To help real estate entrepreneurs (like you) do their first apartment building totaling 1,000 units.

I recognize that if I help you do your first apartment building deal, all of my other goals (like financial goals, or writing a book, or speaking on stage) will become much easier or simply happen automatically.

I also know that if you do your first deal, your 2nd and 3rd deal will follow in rapid succession, allowing you to replace your income within 3-5 years.

Your success is also my success.

So that’s it … I want to help my students buy a total of 1,000 units this year.

I’m going to do that with my products, such as the Syndicated Deal Analyzer or my online course The Ultimate Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings with Private Money.

I’m going to do that with my Deal Maker’s Mastermind program that is designed to make you a master at analyzing deals.

I’m going to do that with my coaching programs which helps students achieve their financial goals faster.

I’m going to do that by partnering with students to help them raise money for their deals.

I didn’t have all of these programs last year, but now I do.

And they’re all designed to do one thing:

To help you do your first deal.

What about you …?

What’s your ONE thing for 2017?

Let me hear from you in the comments below.

What’s your major goal for this year?

What’s the ONE thing that if you could achieve it, it would make everything else easier or even unnecessary?

Can’t wait to hear from you !!!


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