One of the biggest objections I hear from investors about getting into larger real estate deals like apartment buildings is that they don’t have enough cash or experience. So they limit their real estate strategy to their current abilities and resources.

This is one of the biggest myths in the world of real estate investing.

One of the biggest causes of this myth is what we call ourselves. We call ourselves “real estate investors,” right? Now when we use the term “investor,” what normally comes to mind?

That’s right, investors normally have lots of cash, capital and money. You need that in order to invest in something.

We’re being told as newbies that we are to be real estate investors. And the first thing we associate with that label is that as investors, we need money. If you have lots of money, you can do bigger deals, and if you have less, then you should focus on wholesaling or smaller deals, and if you have none… well, you can watch the game from the bench.

The Limitations We Give Ourselves

We limit our real estate strategy to the amount of money we have.

That’s why so many investors start out with wholesaling houses, and then they “graduate” to flipping using hard money and sometimes they hold a few.

It’s all a lie.

And it’s all because of what we call ourselves: “investors.”

We need to fix this, right now. Here’s how.

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