My Proven Blueprint

To Scale to 1,000+ Units…

While Working Less And Taking More Time Off

If you’re seeing this, it means you’re part of a special group of people.

You took the risks…

Put in the hard work…

And did your first deal.

Then-if you’re like most of my students–the Law of First Deal kicked in.

And your second, third and maybe fourth deals followed quickly.

Now you’ve reached a point that, not too long ago, you probably didn’t think was possible.

You’ve got a successful multifamily business…

With $5,000…$10,000…even $20,000 in monthly cash flow.

But now you’re facing ANOTHER challenge.

You’re so busy RUNNING your business…

That you don’t have time to GROW it.

It’s a challenge every successful entrepreneur faces.

And if you’re serious about scaling to 300…500…or 1,000 units…

It’s a challenge you MUST overcome.

But how?


That’s where Deal Maker Pro Mentorship comes in.

This is a brand-new program designed to help you scale your business to ANY level.

So you can go from wherever you are now…

.10…20…or 50 units..

To 300 … 500…even 1,000 units and beyond…

In the next 36 months…

While actually working LESS than you probably do right now.


Now, Deal Maker Pro Mentorship is new.

But the strategies it uses have been proven and tested for over a decade.

Not just by me, but by dozens of my students.

Like Brian Briscoe.

He joined mentoring back in 2018.

11 months later, he closed on a 55-unit building.

Today, he and his partners control over 500 units.

Or Brian Wagers, who started with ONE 12-unit deal. 18 months later– he had 158 units. Two years after that, over 1,300.  

Every single one of them faced the same challenges you’re facing right now.

And –using the strategies in Deal Maker Professional–they OVERCAME those challenges.

Now it’s your turn.


   Just click the button below to apply.


There’s no cost and no obligation to move forward.

The application is just to make sure you’re a good fit for the program.

Because once we start moving, we’re going to move FAST.

And you need to be ready to take action.

We’ll show you exactly WHAT to do–HOW to do it–and WHEN to do it-so you can scale to 1,000 units in the next 36 months.

All YOU need to supply is the desire to succeed.

As part of this elite group, you're invited to private in-person events.

We talk business – we make new connections – we renew old friendships. 

And, yes – we have a lot of fun too.

This is where you can build relationships with high-level investors and syndicators…

And find potential partners to help you reach your big goal…

Whether that’s 300…500 … or 1,000 units–even faster.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because what you get out of Deal Maker Professional Mentorship is so much more.

Remember, this isn’t about money.

It’s about FREEDOM.

Having the ability to live your life on your terms…

While doing some good in the world, too.

So if you’re ready to scale to 1,000 units and beyond in the next 36 months…

While working LESS…

Taking more time off…

And having a LOT of fun along the way…

Click the button below NOW.

Fill out the application…

And schedule your private consultation to get a detailed explanation of everything you get when you join.

The application AND the call are FREE.

And there’s ZERO obligation to move forward.

Once you have all the details, you can make the decision for yourself.

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