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Are You Ready to Scale to 1,000 Units or $10M Raised?

If you answered YES to this question, then join me for the next 6 weeks as I teach you everything you need to know to scale your syndication business.

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

By the time you’re done with the training, you’re going to walk away with a clear three-year vision and an actionable one-year plan to scale your syndication business.

The investment is only $5,000.

I’m going to close the class once we have 5 people who have registered for the class. I don’t want a huge group of people for this first go-around. I want to understand your business so that I can help you better.

If you feel like you’re one of those 5 people, then click here and sign up right now to secure your spot.

If you don’t make it in, I’ll either put you on a waitlist or refund your money.

If you’re serious about growing your business, then this is a one-time opportunity to work directly with me to help you put a solid plan in place and discover hidden threats to your path to 1,000 units or $10M+ raised.

We will likely do this again, but it probably won’t be with me and the investment will be a lot higher, so if you’re serious about scaling, then make sure you sign up right now.

Thanks, and I would look forward to working with you …!


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