I'm super stoked to talk with Kaveh Shirazi who unbelievably turned down a dream job right after college and decided to get started with apartment building investing. I guess he didn't get the memo that he should have gotten a safe job with benefits, then saddle himself with house, kids car and retire at 65!

He wanted financial stability for himself but he didn't feel it was going to be through a corporate career because he saw his dad struggle with what he thought was a secure job. He saw a chance to work with a local business man who wanted to get into real estate on the side and saw the potential in Kaveh.

This allowed Kaveh to learn real estate on someone else's dime, and with this business man providing the financing, he started to look for deals (what an awesome arrangement). He wasn't paid much, so he had to live frugally to get by, but as he was doing deals he was retaining some equity in everything he did.

I won't give away all of Kaveh's story, you'll have to listen to the Podcast! But I will guarantee you that you will learn so much from how Kaveh got started and how he slowly but surely scaled his business to now 75 units, which is covering his living expenses.

What we'll cover

  • How is it that Kaveh got into apartment building investing right after college?
  • The importance of a mentor.
  • Why Kaveh is cautious right now with buying additional units.
  • His strategy for buying right, creating value, and cashing out with refinances.
  • How he defines success (and the importance of defining that for yourself).
  • The difference between successful investors and those who fail or never get started (his advice makes so much sense!)
  • Be conservative and know that not everything you touch turns to gold.

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