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Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom IS One Call AWAY

Get All Your Apartment Investing Questions Answered


The most complete system on the planet to teach you everything you need to do your FIRST apartment building deal so you can quit the rat race in the next 3-5 years. By the time you've completed this online course, you’ll know all aspects of buying an apartment building, from raising money to finding and negotiating deals, doing due diligence, closing, managing and ultimately selling the property


The Syndicated Deal Analyzer (“SDA” for short) is the most popular apartment building analysis tool on the planet because it not only allows you to analyze a deal in minutes but also allows you to do more sophisticated stuff as you get farther into a deal. It lets you quickly answer the question “What is the most I can pay, and why?” and incorporates investor returns in a variety of ways. Allows you to fine tune and customize all financials to support you from the first time you get the deal through negotiation and due diligence.  You need this!


As a premier real estate investing education company, we take a customized approach to mentoring aspiring investors. Our track record speaks for itself – students have purchased over $1.5 billion in investment properties. More importantly, many are now financially free thanks to our step-by-step training system.

Whether you're new to real estate investing or looking to scale your portfolio, we are confident we can help. Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation. Together, we'll craft a strategic plan to help you build lasting wealth through apartment building investments. With over a decade of experience guiding students, we're confident in our ability to set you up for long-term success.


Deal Maker Mastermind is the largest, most active online community of Multifamily Real Estate Investors.

The Investor Incubator Mentoring Program

Are you looking for someone to keep you accountable and on track? Or maybe you want deal-specific advice? Perhaps you want someone to look over your shoulder as you get started. If you want to do your first deal as fast as possible, then check out these mentoring options.


The Platform Builder Workshop is a one of a kind virtual workshop where you work directly with our marketing experts to build your own automated online platform.

After just 60 days, you’ll have a complete platform with all of the funnels to attract and capture new potential investors, serve them with high quality content, and lead them to invest with you – fully automated so all of this happens even when you sleep.

We’re going to show you how to replicate the same exact funnels we at Nighthawk Equity use to raise millions of dollars effortlessly and within just a few days. We’re going to help you build those funnels so that you can do the same exact thing.

DEAL MAKER live recordings

On Demand access to nearly 40 Deal Maker Live sessions from industry leaders sharing key tactics & strategies for today’s multifamily investor.

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