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The Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing podcast is about helping you achieve financial independence and control your time through apartment building investing.

From learning how to invest in multifamily real estate to navigating entrepreneurship, you will learn the keys to success in your journey toward financial freedom. 

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MB428: How to Pay Less Taxes – With Brett Swarts

In this episode of Podcasts, Brett shares his innovative approach to deferring capital gains taxes, delving into the benefits and mechanisms of the Deferred Sales Trust (DST). Swarts, author of "Building a Capital Gains Tax Exit Plan" and an expert in the field, provides invaluable insights and practical advice to both passive and active investors looking to optimize their financial strategies.
On this episode of the Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing podcast, Barry sits down with Garrett Lynch and Michael Blank to share his compelling journey into the multifamily space. Barry opens up about his origin story, his strategic transition from single-family rentals, and how he effectively collaborates with his partner to achieve substantial growth.
In this episode of the "Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing" podcast, Michael Blank and Garrett Lynch co-host an enlightening conversation with David Homyak, an expert in hiring high-level virtual assistants (VAs) with over five years of experience. David shares how strategic delegation can transform your business operations, allowing you to spend more time in your "genius zone."
In this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m joined by Jim Dew, CEO of Dew Wealth Management. With 29 years of experience building virtual family offices and deep expertise in alternative investments, Jim offers insightful strategies on how millionaires and billionaires invest, helping you align your investment strategy with that of the supremely wealthy.
On this episode, Rich and I explore the dangers of complacency in any career and how it impedes growth and fulfillment. Rich opens up about his journey, discussing both the highs of achieving financial freedom and the complexities of not knowing what's next once financial goals are reached.
In this episode of Podcasts, Michael Blank, along with co-host Garrett Lynch, speaks with Todd Heitner about the importance of having a robust online marketing platform for raising capital in real estate. Todd Heitner, the CEO of Apartment Investor Pro, brings over two decades of experience in designing websites and marketing solutions for real estate investors.
Do you love networking and meeting new people? Do you regularly spend time with high-net-worth individuals? Then you might be good at educating potential investors and raising money for multifamily real estate deals! Listen in as Christopher Price walks us through his career track as the capital raiser on a GP team.
In single family investing, you make money when you buy. But in multifamily, you make money when you add value. When you execute your business plan. When you stick to your budget and achieve projected returns. Listen in as Jonathan & Paula Nichols describe what successful asset management looks like in today’s market.
Wish you could get a bigger real estate deal done faster? Then you need the 3 freedom accelerators—the right system, the right support, and the right network. Listen in as Masha Kruskal and Ahuva Druin explain how they connected in the Michael Blank Mentoring Program and joined forces to fast-track their success as multifamily GPs!

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