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Can You Own An Apartment Building If You’re Not Rich?


You know that owning an apartment building is a good investment. In fact, we believe multifamily real estate syndications are the best investment on the planet. Who doesn’t want to get those envelopes of door money in their mailbox every month? But a building is a big investment. You have to be wealthy to own […]

How I Bought an Apartment Building Without My Own Money

How to Buy an Apartment Building

This is my story about how I bought a 12-unit apartment building with money raised from private individuals. Lessons Learned from a Deal Against all Odds and a Nightmarish First Year. Don’t make the same mistakes as I did and learn how to raise money to buy your first apartment building.

How to Find Investors To Fund Your Real Estate Deals

I’ve been writing about buying apartment buildings with money from private individuals. Someone had asked me “How do you find local investors that are interested in discussing deals?”. Great question, let’s talk about it! For several years before getting involved with investing in apartment buildings, I was renovating houses, fixing them up and reselling them. […]

How to Find Investors to Buy Commercial Real Estate

How to Find Investors to Buy Commercial Real Estate Deals

One widespread myth of commercial real estate investing is that you should start small, maybe flip or wholesale a few houses, own a few rentals or duplexes, all while using your own money to build up your assets to do bigger deals later. Many newbie apartment building investors mistakenly think that they need to use their […]