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MB333: Innovating Around Affordable Housing – With Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson


The lack of affordable housing is a big problem in the US. And most developers shy away from these projects because it’s hard to make money. But Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson is not most developers. Listen in and learn how he’s innovating in the workforce housing space, making it possible to ‘do good while doing good.’

MB283: The State of Multifamily


Is now really a good time to get started in multifamily? COVID put real estate on a bit of a roller coaster ride. The market cooled for a bit but then came back even hotter! So, is it too hot now? What should we be thinking about as we decide whether to invest now or […]

MB 220: Affordable Housing by the Numbers – With Damian Bergamaschi

MB 220: Affordable Housing by the Numbers

You may have heard the prediction that unemployment in the US could reach 30%, and that does sound scary. But what do those numbers really mean? Today, Damian Bergamaschi joins me to discuss how that worst-case scenario would impact collections and explain why he is bullish on affordable housing as a reliable long-term investment.