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MB423: Mastering Online Marketing for Multifamily Syndication — With Todd Heitner

Todd Heitner

In this episode of Podcasts, Michael Blank, along with co-host Garrett Lynch, speaks with Todd Heitner about the importance of having a robust online marketing platform for raising capital in real estate. Todd Heitner, the CEO of Apartment Investor Pro, brings over two decades of experience in designing websites and marketing solutions for real estate investors.

Market Analysis for Multifamily Investments

Are you currently searching for apartment buildings to invest in as a means of expanding your real estate portfolio? Investing in apartment buildings is the only way to achieve financial freedom through real estate. 

But before you put a deal under contract or start putting a lot of time and energy into a specific market, you need to know if that area is worth your effort.

Why You Don’t Need 10 Years of Real Estate Experience to Buy Apartments

Do you think that apartments are only for people who have done dozens of real estate transactions over 5+ years?

What if I told you that even if your experience in real estate is minimal—maybe just a flip or a wholesale deal under your belt—you’re still in a prime position to jump into buying an apartment building?

If you’ve believed that this is out of your league, let me set the record straight: that’s a myth.

The Top 4 Mistakes You’re Making When Buying an Apartment

Are you eyeing duplexes, 8-plexes, or smaller apartment complexes but haven’t sealed the deal yet? Wanting to scale up in real estate but finding yourself hitting a wall can be incredibly frustrating.

If you’re nodding along and not sure of your next step, this article is tailor-made for you.

MB397: Reduce Risk & Earn Solid Returns (Even in a Recession!) – With Mark Khuri

Mark Kuhri

Mark Khuri’s real estate business survived the crash of 2008. And the lessons he learned through that experience can help us take advantage of similar circumstances in the current market. Listen in as Mark explains how to find good deals in tough economic times and learn how to reduce your risk—without reducing expected returns!

The Power of Multifamily Syndication

The Power of Multifamily Syndication

In the world of real estate investing, multifamily syndication stands as a paragon of opportunity, particularly for passive investors. As an effective strategy to grow wealth and diversify portfolios, syndication in the multifamily real estate sector continues to be recognized for its benefits, which include stable returns, diversification, and cash flow, to name a few. […]