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Would David Kamara have figured out how to invest in multifamily on his own?

Yes, but at a much slower pace.

Working with a mentor accelerated his success. And now, the student has become the teacher.

David is a seasoned investor and mentor with the Michael Blank program. With 15 years of experience in real estate, David owns 1,000-plus units across the Midwest, primarily in Michigan and Iowa.

David is also a successful management consultant and sought-after advisor to C-suite executives and private equity investors. And he is fluent in five languages!

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, David joins guest host Marybeth Noonan to share his early wins as a student in our mentoring program.

David describes a near-perfect deal he manages in Marquette, Michigan, and discusses how he problem-solved an unexpected situation where the property taxes on a pending deal tripled.

Listen in for insight on trusting your resourcefulness as an aspiring investor and learn how a mentor like David can fast track your success in multifamily investing.

Key Takeaways

How David got into real estate investing

David’s experience as a mentoring student 

Why David likes being a mentor for our program

David’s near-perfect deal in Marquette, Michigan

How David handled an unexpected situation 

David’s advice for aspiring real estate investors

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