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Are you looking to raise more capital for your real estate investments? Do you want to build a reliable and professional online presence that attracts potential investors?

In this episode of Podcasts, Michael Blank, along with co-host Garrett Lynch, speaks with Todd Heitner about the importance of having a robust online marketing platform for raising capital in real estate. Todd Heitner, the CEO of Apartment Investor Pro, brings over two decades of experience in designing websites and marketing solutions for real estate investors.

Listen in as Todd shares crucial insights on how to establish and maintain an online presence that captures and nurtures leads efficiently. From creating compelling websites and leveraging social media to the power of lead magnets and content automation, Todd's expertise will guide you through the essential steps needed to convert a website visitor into a committed investor.

Key Takeaways:

– The importance of a professional website

– Websites as a given necessity

– Key components: About Us, Educational Content, Capturing Leads

– Elements of a comprehensive online presence

– Social media platforms

– Podcasts and guest appearances

– Pay-per-click advertising

– Automated email marketing

– Lead Capture Strategies

– Function and importance of lead magnets

– Effective alternatives to “subscribe to my newsletter”

– Developing Content to Build Trust

– Types of valuable lead magnets

– Educating and nurturing leads through automated content

– Consistency and frequency of communication

– Pre-qualifying and engaging with leads

– Utilizing forms and scheduling calls

– Differences in approach based on lead familiarity with multifamily syndication

– The Role of AI in Content Creation

– Benefits and drawbacks of using AI tools

– Enhancing efficiency while maintaining authenticity

– Todd offers a specially prepared blueprint

– Comprehensive steps to build an effective marketing platform

Todd Heitner also shares access to an invaluable resource—a blueprint detailing the entire process from capturing a potential lead to converting them into a committed investor. Be sure to download it at

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