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Do you love networking and meeting new people? Do you regularly spend time with high-net-worth individuals?

Then you are a good fit for the capital raiser role in a multifamily general partnership.

Christopher Price is the CEO of Red Fox Multifamily and Managing Member of Boost Capital Group. As both a passive and active investor, he has a portfolio of 1,200 units valued over $32.5M.

With more than 20 years of experience in medical device sales, Christopher combines his network of professional connections with an outgoing personality to crush it as a capital raiser on the Boost team.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Christopher joins me to explain how he got his start with single family rentals and what inspired his transition to multifamily.

Christopher describes his role as the capital raiser in a GP, discussing how he attracts and educates potential investors about real estate opportunities.

Listen in to understand Christopher’s journey from passive to active apartment investor and learn how he is leveraging LinkedIn to expand his network of prospective LPs.

Key Takeaways

How Christopher got into real estate

What inspired Christopher’s transition to multifamily

Christopher’s shift from passive to active investor

What it means to be the capital raiser in a GP

How Christopher got started raising capital

How Christopher is expanding his reach 

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