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MB 381: How to Grow a $9M Real Estate Portfolio by Age 25 – With Caleb Johnson

MB 381 Caleb Johnson

Three months after surgery, Caleb Johnson’s mother had to make a decision: Return to work in pain or prolong retirement. Inspired to help his mother and achieve financial freedom himself, 18-year-old Caleb started investing in real estate. Listen in as Caleb explains how he grew a $9M portfolio of 117 units before he turned 25!

How to Maximize Networking at a Real Estate Conference

How to maximize Networking at a Real Estate Conference

Whether you’re interested in passive or active investing, attending real estate conferences is an excellent way to educate yourself and expand your network and gain valuable insights into the industry. Simply showing up to a conference, however, isn’t enough to maximize your networking potential. If you’re attending an event, you want to make the most […]

MB309: How to LAUNCH a Syndication Business – With Jonathan & Paula Nichols


‘Escape velocity’ is the amount of power a rocket needs to break free of Earth’s gravitational field. And launching a real estate syndication business is no different. Today, Jonathan and Paula Nichols describe the up-front effort it took to close on their first deal, persevering through setbacks until their multifamily investing business took off!

MB305: The Life and Times of an 18-Year-Old Syndicator – With Alex Mandaro

The Life and Times of an 18-Year-Old Syndicator – With Alex Mandaro

At age 18, Alex Mandaro is the youngest mentoring student we’ve ever had. So, we’re doing an experiment and asking Alex to document his journey on our social channels. Today, Alex explains what inspired his interest in multifamily and why he believes you can be a successful syndicator without experience or cash of your own!

How to Find Private Money for Real Estate Investing

how to find private money

How do you raise capital? You’re ready to invest in multifamily properties but you don’t have the cash or credit to get started. The obvious solution is to raise money from private investors. But how do you find your potential investors? It might seem overwhelming, but you can start right where you are. Here are […]

MB290: An Introvert’s Guide to Investing with Partners – With Camilla Jeffs

An Introvert’s Guide to Investing with Partners

While single-family real estate is an individual sport, multifamily investing usually involves partners. But finding someone you trust to work with on a multi-million-dollar apartment deal can be challenging, especially for an introvert. Today, Camilla Jeffs explains how she overcame limiting beliefs around partnering to become a successful multifamily GP—and quit her W-2 job!

MB288: Why Relationships Are Your Best Insurance Policy – With Jordan Harbinger

Are you waiting until you have a deal before you start networking with investors? Jordan Harbinger contends that you will have much more success if you ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty.’ Today, Jordan shares his proactive approach to building social capital, explaining why relationships are the best insurance policy money can’t buy.