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Caleb Johnson’s mother had just had surgery and was living off savings while she recovered.

But after three months, she wasn’t healed and had to make an impossible decision: Return to work in excruciating pain or prolong retirement by several years.

Inspired to help his mother financially and achieve financial freedom himself, Caleb started investing in real estate at the age of 18.

Today, he is the 25-year-old Founder of Red Sea Capital Group, and Caleb has a $9 million real estate portfolio of 117 units.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Caleb joins us to explain how he started his real estate journey with a house hack and then partnered to invest in bigger multifamily deals.

Caleb discusses why it was harder to raise money than he thought and challenges newbie investors to have an experienced partner verify our underwriting early on.

Listen in for Caleb’s insight on persevering through roadblocks and learn where to find partners with the capital and knowhow to help you get a deal done—regardless of your age!

Key Takeaways

How Caleb’s mom inspired his interest in real estate

How Caleb started his real estate journey

The next steps in Caleb’s investing journey

Caleb’s advice for young investors on raising money

Caleb’s insight on the value of networking

What challenges Caleb faced in buying bigger deals

What’s next for Caleb’s real estate journey

How Caleb is preparing for the upcoming market cycle

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