Most people wait until they need something to start networking. But it’s a real challenge to talk people into helping you when they haven’t heard from you in years. On the other hand, if you make networking a priority and ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty,’ those connections become true friends who fight for you when you need it.

Jordan Harbinger is the host of iTunes Top 100 ranked The Jordan Harbinger Show, a podcast where he interviews the world’s top performers, including legendary actors and musicians, intelligence operatives, professional athletes, iconic writers and other visionary change-makers. Jordan is best known for creating one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special emphasis on social capital and relationship building.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jordan joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share his proactive approach to networking, explaining why it’s crucial to build relationships before you need them. He offers insight on making connections with A-listers and other high-net-worth individuals, challenging us to provide value and be ‘politely persistent’ for as long as it takes. Listen in for Jordan’s advice on starting over after the breakup of a business partnership and find out why relationships are the best insurance policy money can’t buy.

Jordan Harbinger Deal – Key Takeaways 

How to find the right level of fearlessness and curiosity

  • Can’t throw caution to wind without strategy
  • ‘Nobody ever went broke selling when up 10%’

Jordan’s transition from law to entrepreneurship

  • Firm losing clients when market tanked in ‘08
  • Money saved from Wall Street gave runway
  • Went all-in on weekly radio show (side hustle)

Jordan’s proactive approach to networking

  • Build relationships before you need them
  • Leverage system to keep people top of mind

How Jordan builds relationships with A-listers 

  • Be politely persistent and follow up for years
  • Make it worth their time to work with you

How Jordan provides value to celebrities

  • Make publicist’s job easy, introduce network
  • ‘Everybody needs something’

How Jordan started over after a business breakup

  • Took team along (strong relationships) 
  • ‘Best revenge is to live well’

What lessons Jordan learned from starting over

  • Gut check re: who you work with
  • Recognize people grow at different rates
  • Double down on networking

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