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MB 381: How to Grow a $9M Real Estate Portfolio by Age 25 – With Caleb Johnson

MB 381 Caleb Johnson

Three months after surgery, Caleb Johnson’s mother had to make a decision: Return to work in pain or prolong retirement. Inspired to help his mother and achieve financial freedom himself, 18-year-old Caleb started investing in real estate. Listen in as Caleb explains how he grew a $9M portfolio of 117 units before he turned 25!

MB367: Alternative Investing in Wine & Whisky – With Maxwell Nee

Alternative Investing With Maxwell Nee

Maxwell Nee was drinking an Old Fashioned at a swanky bar in Chicago when he came to appreciate the 500% price difference between Macallan 18 and Macallan 12 whisky. Listen in as he explains how that experience inspired his interest in wine and whisky as an alternative investment and the creation of the OENO fund.

MB366: A Low-Risk Approach to Investing in Oil & Gas – With Eric Rice

Historically, oil and gas operators only give investors the cashflow from wells and keep the land value for themselves. But King Operating Corporation does things differently, structuring their deals very much like a multifamily syndication. Listen in as Eric Rice discusses the benefits of investing in an oil and gas fund like King Operating!

How to Find Private Investors For Real Estate

how to find private investors for real estate

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: If you don’t have a lot of money, and you don’t know anyone with money, you’re probably asking yourself how you are going to find investors. Where do you go to look for investors? Where do you begin? How to Find Private […]

MB326: Democratizing Access to Quality Real Estate Deals – With Jilliene Helman


Real estate investing is a critical part of a diversified portfolio. And while most Americans have easy access to stocks and bonds, many don’t know where to go to find private real estate investment opportunities. Listen in as Jilliene Helman explains how she built the Realty Mogul marketplace to expand access to institutional quality deals.

MB313: Earn BIG Returns with a Portfolio of Commercial Assets – With Steffany Boldrini

Earn BIG Returns with a Portfolio of Commercial Assets – With Steffany Boldrini

Imagine earning cash-on-cash returns as high as 50%. 3 years ago, Steffany Boldrini moved her money out of Silicon Valley tech startups and into commercial properties. 2 years ago, she achieved financial freedom. Listen in as Steffany explains how she’s generating BIG returns investing in a portfolio of self-storage, car washes and short-term rentals.

Live A Passive Income Lifestyle

live a passive income lifestyle

 Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about leaving your W-2 job and being in charge of your own freedom? You can make that happen by investing in apartment buildings. Live a Passive Income Lifestyle Investing in Apartment Buildings Our experience has been that generating passive income through apartment buildings is the best way to […]