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Real estate investing is a critical part of a diversified portfolio. And while most Americans have easy access to stocks and bonds, most don't know where to go to find private real estate deals.

That’s what inspired Founder and CEO Jilliene Helman to create Realty Mogul, a crowdfunding platform committed to democratizing real estate.

Jilliene’s background in banking exposed her to brokers, real estate lenders and trust officers, giving her a 360-degree view of wealth management—and a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jilliene joins Garrett and me to discuss the challenges she faced early on in building Realty Mogul and describe what inspired her to persevere through 103 coffee meetings before she found a backer!

Jilliene explains how the Realty Mogul marketplace differs from traditional syndication and explores the pros and cons of investing in individual deals versus real estate investment trusts (REITs) on the site.

Listen in for Jilliene’s thoughtful outlook on the current real estate market and get her advice for investing in the right opportunities during an economic downturn.

Jilliene Helman – Key Takeaways 

The challenges Jilliene faced early in building Realty Mogul

  • Goal to raise $1M seed round
  • Took 103 coffee meetings to get YES

What inspired Jilliene to persevere with Realty Mogul

  • Really believe in idea of democratizing real estate
  • Young, stubborn and naïve

What you need to know about Realty Mogul

  • Marketplace for connecting investors with deals
  • Mission to expand access to real estate investing

What differentiates Realty Mogul from other platforms

  • White glove service (human connection)
  • Focus on education

How Realty Mogul differs from traditional syndication

  • Lower minimum investment, usually $25K to $35K
  • Option to invest in individual deal or REITs

The pros and cons of investing in a REIT

  • ‘Set it and forget it’
  • Less control than individual asset
  • Diversified exposure
  • Different tax treatment

What factors to consider in adding REITs to your portfolio

  • Risk/reward profile
  • Liquidity needs
  • Where want to play

How Jilliene’s team at Realty Mogus vets potential deals

  • Look at track record, run background checks
  • Quality control measures to mitigate risk

Jilliene’s general outlook for the real estate market

  • Fed will overshoot, cause social unrest and crime
  • Fed will react in other direction to bring rates down

Jilliene’s advice for investors in uncertain economic times

  • Tremendous opportunity to acquire quality assets
  • Look for individual deals based on your timeline

What Jilliene sees in the debt market right now

  • High interest rates bringing leverage down
  • Room for preferred equity on cap table
  • Nontraditional lenders becoming more relevant

Connect with Jilliene Helman

Realty Mogul

Jilliene on LinkedIn

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