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Maxwell Nee was drinking an Old Fashioned at a swanky bar in Chicago when he came to appreciate the significant price difference between Macallan 18 and Macallan 12 whisky.

Because it had aged an additional six years, Macallan 18 cost 500% more!

That’s when the lightbulb went off. And Maxwell started looking into wine and whisky as an alternative investment.

Today, Maxwell is Managing Partner at OENO Wine and Whisky Fund, a recession-proof investment fund that leverages the intrinsic value creation in the maturity of fine wine and whisky to earn double-digit returns for investors.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Maxwell joins Garrett to explain what he looks for in a wine or whisky investment deal and how the assets are aged in a warehouse under the best conditions.

Maxwell shares his strategy for maximizing returns for OENO investors and describes the parallels between investing in wine and whisky and value-add real estate.

Listen in to understand the risks associated with wine and whisky as an alternative investment and find out if investing in Maxwell’s fund is right for you!

Key Takeaways

How Maxwell got into the business of wine and whisky

What Maxwell looks for in a wine and whisky investment deal

The process of investing in wine and whisky with Maxwell

Maxwell’s strategy for maximizing profits for OENO investors

Maxwell’s profile of the typical wine and whisky investor

What returns you can expect from investing with Maxwell

The tax benefits of investing in wine and whisky

The biggest risks of investing in wine and whisky

  1. Market risk
  2. Pricing risk
  3. Breakages
  4. Counterfeit risk

How Maxwell mitigates the risks for his investors

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