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Did you know that there are many parallels between investing in oil and gas and real estate syndications?

Grant Norwood is CEO of Norwood Energy Corp, an oil and gas exploration company out of Southlake, Texas.

Grant’s specialty is recognizing opportunity hotspots in undiscovered areas of the country where his team can operate significantly below the costs of oil giants like Exxon or Chevron.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Grant joins Garrett to discuss the two kinds of deals Norwood Energy does, investing in new wells or distressed assets.

Grant shares what he does to find off-market deals on wells and walks us through the tax advantages of investing in oil and gas assets.

Listen in for Grant’s insight on financing oil and gas deals and learn the similarities between investing in energy and multifamily syndications.

Key Takeaways

How Grant got involved in the oil and gas industry

The two kinds of deals Norwood Energy Corp. does

What Grant does to find off-market deals

The benefit of self-managing your own wells

The tax benefits of investing passively in oil wells

What Grant looks for in an oil and gas deal

How oil and gas investing differs from real estate

How quickly Grant’s investors grow their wealth

Why Grant prefers NOT to finance through a bank

How much to set aside for capital improvements

How rising oil prices impact Grant’s business

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