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What percentage of your portfolio is in stocks?

If you’re counting on a financial advisor to grow your wealth, it’s likely that MOST of your money is in the stock market.

But that’s not how ultra-high-net-worth individuals approach investing.

So, what if you diversified your portfolio to include more alternative investments? 

Drew Kniffin is Partner and President at Nighthawk Equity, the multifamily investing arm of The Michael Blank Brands.

Drew has a corporate finance and real estate investing career that spans two decades, and he is passionate about helping high-net-worth entrepreneurs invest passively in apartments.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Drew joins me to debate the pros and cons of investing in the stock market versus real estate.

Drew makes the case for the stock market, explaining why you should stay engaged with Wall Street as part of a balanced portfolio.

Michael discusses why he’s cynical about stocks, describing how the volatility of the market can decimate your returns over time.

Listen in for insight on how HNWIs invest their money and learn how to optimize your portfolio, mitigate your risks, and grow your wealth with real estate!

Key Takeaways

Drew’s early experiences with the stock market

Why Michael is cynical about investing in stocks

Drew’s case for investing in the stock market

How stocks and bonds became the default investment

Michael’s top disadvantages of stock investing

Michael’s top benefits of investing in real estate

Drew’s case for investing in stocks AND real estate

How ultra-high-net-worth individuals invest money

Drew & Michael’s parting advice to average investors

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