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MB425: How to Invest Like a Millionaire – With Jim Dew

In this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I’m joined by Jim Dew, CEO of Dew Wealth Management. With 29 years of experience building virtual family offices and deep expertise in alternative investments, Jim offers insightful strategies on how millionaires and billionaires invest, helping you align your investment strategy with that of the supremely wealthy.

MB368: Alternative Investments in Latin America – With Cole Shephard

In real estate, we look for good investment opportunities and then build a team in that market. But what if the business opportunity you identify is in Latin America? Listen in as Cole Shepherd explains how he built alternative investment firm Legacy Group and the #1 coffee producer in Colombia, Green Coffee Company.

MB363: Achieving Financial Freedom as a Passive Investor – With Spencer Hilligoss

MB 336 Spencer Hilligoss

Many investors question whether their financial advisor has their best interests at heart. But seeking out alternative investments on your own can be scary if the stock market is all you’ve ever known. Listen in as Spencer Hilligoss explains how he achieved financial freedom as a passive investor in alternative assets like multifamily real estate!