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MB355: Our Multifamily Market Outlook for 2023 – With Drew Kniffin

Our Multifamily Market Outlook for 2023 – With Drew Kniffin

Markets go through different seasons. And prior to the pandemic, it was red-hot summer for multifamily real estate. But now, we’re in a cold snap. Listen in as Drew Kniffin explains how Nighthawk Equity adjusted to survive this economic winter and what we’re doing to capitalize on the opportunities we see coming in 2023!

MB294: Build Your Confidence at Deal Maker Bootcamp – With Drew Kniffin


Aspiring multifamily investors who work through a simulation of their first deal are more likely to succeed than those who don’t practice the process beforehand. Today, Drew Kniffin and I explain how our upcoming Deal Maker Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to practice the steps in finding and closing on your first apartment building!

The Inflation Tidal Wave

The Inflation Tidal Wave

Are you prepared for inflation? Although, the inflation tidal wave is coming, we have information you’ll want to pay attention to in this post. How real is it? Is it transitory? Is it permanent? How is it going to affect apartment buildings? Nighthawk President Drew Kniffin says, we know inflation is real and if you […]

MB 250: The Best of 2020 on Apartment Building Investing

Multifamily is recession-proof, and 2020 gave us a chance to prove it. Today, I’m sharing the Best of 2020 on Apartment Building Investing, revisiting conversations with Russell Gray, Brandon Turner, Gino Wickman, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Drew Kniffin, Drew Whitson and Garrett Lynch on entrepreneurship, marketing to investors and protecting your wealth in a crisis!

MB 208: Is the Sky Falling? – With an Expert Panel of Multifamily Operators

Is the Sky Falling?

How will the Coronavirus pandemic impact us as multifamily investors? Today, I’m joined by an expert panel of operators to discuss what we are doing to protect our investments and serve our tenants during this challenging time and how YOU can take advantage of the shift to a buyer’s market in the months to come.