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Financial freedom opens you up to live a life of significance.

To pursue passions that may or may not generate any revenue. To do volunteer work or support causes you believe in.

For me, that cause is Uganda Counseling and Support Services or UCSS, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life in remote communities of Uganda.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Drew Kniffin joins me to discuss our involvement with UCSS, describing how I met its founder, Dr. Ronald Kaluya, and what differentiates the organization from other nonprofits.

Drew asks me why I trust Dr. Kaluya and his team, and I explain how UCSS measures the impact of donor dollars in the communities we serve.

Listen in to understand the vision for UCSS moving forward and learn how you can get involved by sponsoring a student or becoming a legacy partner in the ministry!

Key Takeaways

The mission behind Uganda Counseling and Support Services

How Michael got involved with UCSS

What differentiates UCSS from similar nonprofit organizations

The vision for UCSS moving forward

How Dr. Kaluya applies principles of entrepreneurship in UCSS

Why Michael trusts Dr. Kaluya and the UCSS organization

UCSS’s biggest needs right now

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