I work with an organization called Uganda Counseling & Support Services (UCSS). Dr. Ronald Kaluya, the founder of UCSS, is doing amazing work in this remote community of Uganda and our contributions are making a BIG difference. 

Right now, we have a goal of sponsoring 275 students by the end of the year. Currently we have sponsored 260 and I know, you can help us surpass our goal!  

When you become a student sponsor, you will build a relationship with the child. 

You will be that special someone who walks beside them as they grow and learn to become all they were created to be, a chance they would not have without a sponsor. You can connect with the student you sponsor by writing letters and emails or sending cards and uploading them to our system.


Not that you need another reason to sponsor a student, the opportunity alone is incredibly rewarding. But we wanted to give you even MORE reasons to help make a difference!

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  • BONUS! If you donate $1,000 I will give you a free 30 minute call with me.

Your support makes a difference!



Learn More About My Uganda Mission

Hello, I'm Michael Blank and I'm passionate about supporting Uganda Counseling and Support Services.

Ten years ago in the village of Buliike, there was no school, no literacy, no medical care, and girls were married off around age 12.

Today we have about 1,000 kids enrolled in our schools from preschool all the way through high school. Our girls’ dormitory is helping girls stay in school and finish their education.

Now when students get sick, they have access to our clinics to receive medical care. Nearby wells provide clean water, and our agriculture programs offer healthy meals during the school day.

To keep these programs going, we need help funding the teachers, doctors, and nurses to make all of this happen.

That’s where you come in!

When you join our Student Sponsorship Program, $25 a month can make a difference in one of these kids’ lives, keeping them in school and keeping them healthy.

As a sponsor, you’d give $25 a month to support the ministries directly impacting your student.

This ensures that your student has access to a quality Christian education, free medical care, healthy meals during the day, and clean water. Yet more than that, you have the opportunity to pour into your student through intentional prayer, and build a relationship with them through our letter-correspondence program.

You’ll have an online sponsor account where you can send messages, then our team in Kampala will print it out for your student.

They will write a response that we’ll scan and upload straight to your sponsor account.

Your sponsorship will continue as long as your student is enrolled in our schools. This typically goes until their high school graduation, yet some students leave early for family situations such as moving or transferring schools.

In those circumstances, we will always let you know so that you have the opportunity to choose a new student to sponsor.

Many of our sponsors support multiple students, and some choose to give more than $25 a month to make a greater impact in our communities. 

If you’d like to change the world by changing a child’s life, become a sponsor today!

>> In order to receive your “Freedom” shirt, write “Michael Blank” in the field “How did you learn about the sponsorship program?” field on the sponsorship form.


Q: How long do you sponsor a student?

A: Sponsorship continues until the student leaves the school, typically after they graduate from high school. Sometimes, some students leave early for family situations such as moving or transferring schools.

Q: Why doesn’t UCSS just give children and their families cash?

A: UCSS invests in long-term and whole-community transformation. Giving cash to individual families does not guarantee responsible spending and does not uplift the entire community. Our funds are focused on developing sustainable programs that help villages become self-sufficient.

Q: How can I communicate with my student?

A: You can send messages to your student through your Sponsor Account. Our team in Uganda prints out your message and delivers it to your student. Our team then scans the student’s response and uploads it to your account.

Q: Can I sponsor more than one student?

A: Yes! You can sponsor as many students as you’d like.

Q: Can I sponsor just one student but give more than $25?

A: Yes, of course! You can give up to $500 per student.

Have other questions? Contact us at [email protected] or call us at (270) 681-7893 and we’d be glad to tell you more.

more about UCSS

UCSS is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life and spread God’s love to people in remote communities of Uganda by providing social services, counseling and spiritual development – one community at a time. Ronald selected the village of Buliike as the first target to develop as a model for its ministry.

There was nothing in this village: no fresh water, no medicine, no schools – just huts and people.

People were dying every day because of the dirty water and malaria from mosquitoes.

Because of the lack of food, many children died before they were 5 years old. No one could read, there was no work. People didn't seem to have any hope.


Since UCSS started its work in Bulike two and a half years ago, the village has changed beyond recognition.

Because of fresh water wells and the medical clinics, death and disease have decreased by 90%. Over 500 children are attending school. People are growing crops, raising animals and learning skills like carpentry and sowing.

For the first time, they are able to provide for their families and there is hope for the future.

UCSS is teaching the villagers to fish, not just giving them the fish. In fact, it is central to our approach to make the village self-sufficient. We think we can start reducing our investment in Bulike starting in 2015 and replicate the model in another village. Ronnie is thinking big – he wants to change not one village but eventually all of Uganda.

After my last visit, I'm re-energized about what we're doing in this remote area of Uganda. Yes, it took a long while (the adoption rate was 4 years), but the new community we moved into (called Buluya) adopted change within a matter of weeks (not years).

Amazing stuff that is going on over there. If you feel called to do so, please find out more about UCSS and get involved.

In order to receive your “Freedom” shirt, write “Michael Blank” in the field “How did you learn about the sponsorship program?” on the sponsorship form.

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