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Historically, oil and gas operators only give investors the cashflow from wells and keep the land value for themselves.

But King Operating Corporation does things differently, structuring their deals very much like a multifamily syndication.

So, what are the benefits of investing in oil and gas with King Operating? Why is Nighthawk Equity partnering with King to raise money for an energy fund?

Eric Rice is Chief Growth Officer for King Operating, where he oversees investor communications and studies the macro-economic environment and its impact on energy.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Eric joins Garrett Lynch and Drew Kniffin to explain how his team finds the right locations to drill and why they pick up deals that are overlooked by other operators.

Eric walks us through the tax benefits of investing in energy and describes why investing with King Operating is safer than other oil and gas investments.

Listen in for insight on the returns you might expect from investing in Eric’s fund and learn why NOW is the right time to put your money in an oil and gas portfolio like King Operating.


Key Takeaways

How Eric got makes money in oil and gas

How Eric’s team finds the right locations to drill

Why King Operating picks up deals overlooked by others

The tax benefits of investing in oil and gas

How investing in King Operating deals parallels multifamily

Why investing with Eric’s team is safer than other oil and gas deals

Why Eric predicts a boom cycle for oil and gas in the next 5 years

How oil is used to make a number of products we use every day

What kind of returns King Operating investors can expect

What differentiates King Operating from other oil and gas investments

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