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MB366: A Low-Risk Approach to Investing in Oil & Gas – With Eric Rice

Historically, oil and gas operators only give investors the cashflow from wells and keep the land value for themselves. But King Operating Corporation does things differently, structuring their deals very much like a multifamily syndication. Listen in as Eric Rice discusses the benefits of investing in an oil and gas fund like King Operating!

MB355: Our Multifamily Market Outlook for 2023 – With Drew Kniffin

Our Multifamily Market Outlook for 2023 – With Drew Kniffin

Markets go through different seasons. And prior to the pandemic, it was red-hot summer for multifamily real estate. But now, we’re in a cold snap. Listen in as Drew Kniffin explains how Nighthawk Equity adjusted to survive this economic winter and what we’re doing to capitalize on the opportunities we see coming in 2023!

MB351: Reflecting on 2022 & Setting Goals for 2023

Reflecting on 2022

Mindfulness matters. The more self-aware you become, the more fulfillment you get out of life. That’s why I take a week off at the end of every year to reflect on the past 12 months and plan for the future. Listen in as I share my process for evaluating 2022 and setting goals for 2023!

The Importance of Generational Wealth Management

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: The Importance of Generational Wealth Management We want you to live a life of financial freedom. When you’re financially free, you’re able to quit your W-2 job and do more of what you love with the people you love. Today, we’re talking […]

MB318: High-Stakes Problem-Solving as a Class D Multifamily Operator


Before you invest with a multifamily operator, it’s important to understand their track record. To know that they’ve got experience overcoming obstacles and making a deal work. Listen in as podcast cohost Garrett Lynch discusses his experience managing class D assets in crime-ridden neighborhoods and describes the high-stakes problem-solving skills he learned along the way!

MB299: 2021 Year in Review & Market Outlook for 2022


One of the best things you can do for yourself at the end of each year is take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and achieved. Today, I look back on our journey as a company in 2021, celebrating our wins and sharing our market outlook for multifamily in the year to come!

MB294: Build Your Confidence at Deal Maker Bootcamp – With Drew Kniffin


Aspiring multifamily investors who work through a simulation of their first deal are more likely to succeed than those who don’t practice the process beforehand. Today, Drew Kniffin and I explain how our upcoming Deal Maker Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to practice the steps in finding and closing on your first apartment building!

Examining the North Carolina Markets

North Carolina Markets

As many of you know, Nighthawk Equity currently owns properties in five different markets spread across the southeastern United States, most particularly focusing in on Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Huntsville, Alabama. Today, David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations, and Preside of Nighthawk, Drew Kniffin want to discuss a new region, the North Carolina markets, […]