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One of the best things you can do for yourself at the end of each year is take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and achieved. Celebrate your wins and apply the lessons learned as you plan for the year to come.

On this solo episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, I reflect on 2021 through the lens of our core values here at the Michael Blank brands, sharing what I’ve learned about making intentional decisions based on what’s really important to you.

I discuss some of the milestones we’ve achieved in the last year, celebrating the launch of our Deal Maker Certification program and the three deals we closed through our investing arm, Nighthawk Equity.

Listen in for insight into the market outlook for multifamily in 2022 and find out what we’ve got planned for the new year—and how YOU can be part of our mission to help 1,000 families achieve financial freedom in the next five years!

Key Takeaways

The benefit of examining your core values

Our core values here at The Michael Blank brands

  1. Do what you say
  2. Do your best
  3. Make a difference
  4. Get stuff done

The Michael Blank brands milestones for 2021

Our podcast milestones in 2021

Nighthawk Equity milestones for 2021

My top lessons learned in 2021

The Michael Blank brands plan for 2022

Why we believe multifamily will continue to do well in 2022

Why multifamily prices are likely go up in 2022

My advice on creating an intentional plan for 2022

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