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MB318: High-Stakes Problem-Solving as a Class D Multifamily Operator


Before you invest with a multifamily operator, it’s important to understand their track record. To know that they’ve got experience overcoming obstacles and making a deal work. Listen in as podcast cohost Garrett Lynch discusses his experience managing class D assets in crime-ridden neighborhoods and describes the high-stakes problem-solving skills he learned along the way!

Can You Buy An Apartment Building Without Using Your Own Money?


Do you want to get started with apartment buildings, but you think you can’t because you don’t have enough money? Hang on to your hat, because the truth is, you don’t need to be rich to buy an apartment building. You don’t have to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. Can you […]

How to Evaluate Multifamily Deals

How to Evaluate Multifamily Deals

  Do you have an interest in multifamily investing, but don’t know how to properly evaluate a deal? Today, we’re going to share effective ways to tell if a multifamily investment can be a solid investment. How to Evaluate Multifamily Deals When we look at apartment buildings, there are three clear-cut things we look for, […]

MB306: To Scale Your Business, Put Investors First – With Veena Jetti

To Scale Your Business, Put Investors First – With Veena Jetti

When you’re doing your first multifamily deal, scaling the business is the last thing on your mind. But if you don’t think about scale early on, you’ll be fighting fires as you grow. Today, Veena Jetti explains how she built a portfolio of 3,000-plus units worth $600M with systems that put the investor first.

Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing 101


If you want to invest in real estate, you have options. You can start out as a passive investor or an active investor. Which one is best? The answer is, there’s no right answer. Both active and passive investing have their benefits, it all comes down to which one is right for you and how […]

MB305: The Life and Times of an 18-Year-Old Syndicator – With Alex Mandaro

The Life and Times of an 18-Year-Old Syndicator – With Alex Mandaro

At age 18, Alex Mandaro is the youngest mentoring student we’ve ever had. So, we’re doing an experiment and asking Alex to document his journey on our social channels. Today, Alex explains what inspired his interest in multifamily and why he believes you can be a successful syndicator without experience or cash of your own!

MB299: 2021 Year in Review & Market Outlook for 2022


One of the best things you can do for yourself at the end of each year is take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and achieved. Today, I look back on our journey as a company in 2021, celebrating our wins and sharing our market outlook for multifamily in the year to come!

MB296: Getting Brokers to Take You Seriously – With Savannah Arroyo


Savannah Arroyo talked to 50 brokers before she found one who was willing to work with her. But that relationship led to three deals in nine months and allowed her to quit her full-time job as an RN! Today, Savannah explains how to get brokers to take you seriously when you’re brand new to multifamily.