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How do you get brokers to take you seriously if you’re brand new to multifamily? Savannah Arroyo and her husband Lupe talked to 50 brokers before they found one who was willing to work with them. But that relationship led to three deals in nine months, allowing Savannah to quit her full-time job as an RN!

Savannah is the Founder of Networth Nurse, a platform designed to help healthcare professionals stop living paycheck to paycheck. Through the Networth Nurse blog and YouTube channel, she educates and empowers her colleagues around personal finance and multifamily investing. Savannah and her husband Lupe leveraged the Michael Blank Mentoring Program to accelerate their success, partnering with other students in our network to close three syndications and replace her income as a nurse in under a year.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Savannah joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain how she got that first broker to take her seriously. She describes how she and Lupe created a five-year game plan for their real estate business and then put in the reps, taking daily action to realize that vision. Listen in to understand the benefits of investing in your multifamily education and learn how Savannah is scaling her portfolio through partnerships and the Networth Nurse platform.

Key Takeaways 

The freedom of choice real estate gives Savannah

What inspired Savannah and her husband to pursue real estate

How Savannah and Lupe came up with a real estate game plan

How Savannah got started with single family rentals

Why Savannah transitioned from SFH rentals to multifamily

How Savannah pursued real estate while working full time

How Savannah overcame limiting beliefs around raising money

How to get brokers to take you seriously as a new investor

Savannah’s first multifamily deal

Why Savannah decided to invest in coaching

  1. Leverage mentor’s experience to avoid mistakes
  2. Momentum to get into first deal much quicker

What Savannah is doing to scale the business

How Savannah and her husband share responsibilities

Savannah’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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