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MB288: Why Relationships Are Your Best Insurance Policy – With Jordan Harbinger

Are you waiting until you have a deal before you start networking with investors? Jordan Harbinger contends that you will have much more success if you ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty.’ Today, Jordan shares his proactive approach to building social capital, explaining why relationships are the best insurance policy money can’t buy.

How To Surround Yourself with the Right People

  We talk a lot on the show about partnering with each other and the networks we build. But what are some of the things that you can do to surround yourself with the right people? This is something I’ve always noticed and is such an important piece. It can be tough because you go […]

5 Tips for Expanding Your Multifamily Connections


You know, the family is a team sport. That’s what I love about this business – you don’t have to go out and alone. You can partner with other people, you can raise money from other people, and as a result, you can play into their strengths. You can do the things that you already […]

How Passive is Passive Investing, Really?

How Passive is Passive Investing Really

I used to think there was such a thing as passive investing, but I no longer believe it exists. Rather, I don’t think that truly passive investing should exist. Today, we are going to talk about the activities that you should expect to carry out as a passive investor in multifamily real estate. Join us in the video or read on!

MB 086 – Find Your Niche Raising Capital for Multi-Family Syndicators – With Lane Kawaoka

Interested in multifamily, but syndication is not for you? If your strengths lie in networking and raising money, you can get into apartment building investing as a general partner who specializes in soliciting capital. Today, I’m on the line with Lane Kawaoka, real estate entrepreneur and curator of Simple Passive Cashflow. Listen in for his unique approach to multi-family investing!