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When Mike Hambright first got into real estate investing ten years ago, he was hesitant to meet his competition. But Mike is an extrovert by nature, and after having coffee with a fellow investor, his perspective shifted. Now he advocates an abundance mentality, and Mike firmly believes that meaningful conversations with high-level players can take your game to the next level. So how do you build a network of investors you respect who can help you learn and grow?

Mike is the Chief Nerd at FlipNerd, a leading resource and social platform for real estate investors with more than 100K subscribers and 1500-plus video shows published to date. He is also the Owner and President of Evolution Properties, a multimillion-dollar firm focused on residential real estate in the Dallas market. Mike has an abundance mentality and a knack for networking, serving as a mentor to aspiring investors and founding the Investor Fuel mastermind.

Mike joins me to discuss his shift from the corporate world to full-time real estate investing, explaining how his wife inspired him to quit dabbling and go all-in in the summer of 2008. He shares his pursuits beyond investing, including his talent for connecting people through the FlipNerd platform. Mike gets granular on the value of a thriving network, describing the opportunities to do deals together and how connections can take your game to the next level. Listen in for Mike’s advice around expanding your real estate network and building meaningful relationships to accelerate your success. 

Key Takeaways

Mike’s shift from corporate to real estate

Mike’s ‘go big or go home’ mentality

How Mike has expanded beyond investing

The benefits of the FlipNerd platform

The value of a thriving network

Mike’s insight on masterminds

How to expand your network

What Mike is looking forward to

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