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MB 264: Faith, Family & Multifamily Investing – With Lee Yoder

Faith Family and MultiFamily Investing With Lee Yoder

You take that promotion at work because you want to provide better for your family. But then you’re working MORE hours and seeing even LESS of the people you love. Today, Lee Yoder explains how he leveraged multifamily real estate investing to quit his job and spend more time on his faith and family!

5 Reasons Single Family Investors are Turning to Multifamily

4 Reasons Single Family Investors are Turning to Multi-family

You may have seen a recent article in the New York Times about how investors are moving away from single family homes toward multifamily. Why is that? If you’re new to real estate investing, should you skip the traditional step of starting with a single family property? It used to be that when people got […]

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndications

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndications

They say there are two sides to every coin. How does this apply to real estate syndications? Well, did you know that one of the most famous buildings in the United States, the Empire State Building, was purchased through a real estate syndication? That’s right. It was the first of its kind. 3000 people came […]

MB 245: Bring in 1031 Exchange Investors with the DST – With Paul Moore

As syndicators, we’d love to work with 1031 exchange investors more often. But the rules make it really, really difficult! It means taking on co-owners and big bucks in legal fees. Today, Paul Moore introduces us to the Delaware Statutory Trust, a tax-deferred strategy that allows 1031 investors to invest passively in syndication deals!

MB 241: What to Say to Potential Multifamily Investors – With David Kamara

What is the best way to approach the conversation with potential multifamily investors? Today, David Kamara joins us to explain how to communicate the benefits of investing in apartment buildings over other asset classes and assure investors that their money is safe with you—even if you’re new to the real estate space!

MB 239: Developing a Can-Be-Done Mindset for Multifamily – With Jeremy LeMere

So, you know that multifamily investing would help you achieve financial freedom on an accelerated timeline. But you just don’t BELIEVE that you can do it. Today, Jeremy LeMere joins me to explain how he leveraged a mentoring program to overcome limiting beliefs and develop the confidence to invest in commercial real estate!

MB 232: Turbocharge Your F.I.R.E. Journey with Real Estate – With Rajneesh Jha

Rajneesh Jha was following the F.I.R.E. method to achieve financial freedom, putting his money in safe, low-cost mutual funds with the goal of quitting his corporate job in about 10 years. And then he discovered real estate! Today, Raj joins me to explain how shifting from the stock market to multifamily investing TURBOCHARGED his journey!

MB 215: Changing the Face of Multifamily Syndication – With Kaylee McMahon

Changing the Face of Multifamily Syndication – With Kaylee McMahon

Why are there so few women in multifamily syndication? Today, Kaylee McMahon joins me to offer her take on how a lack of knowledge around a male-dominated industry keeps a lot of women out of the multifamily game and discuss her mission to help people, especially women, achieve financial independence with apartment building investing!

How to Find Investors To Fund Your Real Estate Deals

I’ve been writing about buying apartment buildings with money from private individuals. Someone had asked me “How do you find local investors that are interested in discussing deals?”. Great question, let’s talk about it! For several years before getting involved with investing in apartment buildings, I was renovating houses, fixing them up and reselling them. […]