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Why are there so few women in multifamily syndication? According to a 2019 study conducted by Merrill Lynch, 61% of women polled cited a lack of knowledge about real estate investing. And the fact that it’s a male-dominated industry is also a contributing factor. So, how do we get more women interested in learning about multifamily—and the financial independence that comes with it?

Kaylee McMahon is the Founder of The Apartment Queen, a platform dedicated to ending abuse and codependent relationships by helping women create wealth with real estate investing. A staple of the Dallas real estate scene, Kaylee has purchased $2M in real estate as Key Principal and currently serves as General Partner in 730 units in Texas and Arizona totaling more than $23M in assets under management. She is also the host of #1 Leading Ladies, a podcast about what it’s really like to be a female entrepreneur.

On this episode, Kaylee joins me to share her path from real estate agent to multifamily investor, discussing how the childhood abuse she suffered gave her the GRIT to keep going when things get tough. She offers her take on how a lack of knowledge around a male-dominated industry keeps a lot of women out of the multifamily game, describing her mission to help people, especially women, achieve the total independence she enjoys. Listen in for Kaylee’s insight on reversing the beliefs that hold you back and get her advice on how to get started with apartment building investing!

Kaylee McMahon – Key Takeaways

Kaylee’s path to multifamily real estate

  • Got start as agent, apartment locator
  • Move on to house flips + SFH rentals
  • Got into apartments ‘to add zero’

What makes Kaylee a good entrepreneur

  • Autonomous (make decisions on own)
  • Fast learner, good with people

Why Kaylee made the transition from agent to investor

  • All-in on decision to achieve financial freedom
  • Not afraid of losing it all, could always bartend

Kaylee’s take on the idea of failure

  • Take lessons learned with you to next venture
  • Pivot as necessary (e.g.: rent flip vs. sell)

Why Kaylee deals with fear better than others

  • Abuse in childhood built tremendous amount of GRIT
  • Driven by WHY to help others create independence

Kaylee’s experience with multifamily syndication

  • Did first 2 deals on own with help of mentor
  • Started partnering with others (raising capital)
  • General Partner in 730 units to date

Kaylee’s take on why there are so few women in multifamily

  • Lack of knowledge, limiting beliefs
  • Male-dominated industry (Good Old Boys Club)

Kaylee’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

  • Learn underwriting, how to vet sponsors and market
  • Invest passively but ride along with GP to learn

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