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How do you raise capital?

You’re ready to invest in multifamily properties but you don’t have the cash or credit to get started.

The obvious solution is to raise money from private investors. But how do you find your potential investors?

It might seem overwhelming, but you can start right where you are.

Here are four things to consider so you can get started now:

1. Network

Talk to everyone you know. Let people know you’re working on something new.

Talk to your friends, your family, your co-workers. Have as many in-person meetings with potential investors as possible.

And don't allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back. Even as an introvert, Camilla Jeffs excels at raising capital.

Listen in for her insight on investing for a financial, social and environmental return, and learn why networking is key in multifamily syndication.

2. Build a Platform

If your first networking circle is people you know, the second is people you haven’t met yet. You need to build a platform to share your story, but building a platform is more than just a website, it's using social media as your networking stage.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jonathan Barr walks us through a multifamily deal he had a hard time raising money for, and how he built an online platform to solve that problem.

Listen in for Jonathan’s insight on using Twitter to attract new investors and learn how to scale YOUR ability to raise capital through content creation!

3. Serve Your Audience

You're looking for a specific type of investor.

Once you've determined who your ideal audience is, present them with the information they're looking for.

Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist. He created a platform designed to help doctors and other high-income professionals generate passive income from real estate so they can stop trading time for money.

On this episode, he explains how he creating consistent content helps him grow his investor base. Listen in to understand how serving his audience inspires him to keep going.

4. Build Relationships

Your syndication  business depends on high-net-worth individuals who put money into your deals. Showing your gratitude is a way to strengthen that relationship.

John Ruhlin helps sales leaders, business owners and executives unlock loyalty. On this episode, he introduces us to the giftology system, describing how he leverages generosity to turn his best clients into salespeople and raving fans.

Listen in for John’s insight on how much to allocate for gift-giving and learn how you can get a 10X return by investing in the people who make your business profitable.

With the right approach, you can develop a robust real estate portfolio by raising private capital.

Make a list of your next steps, and meet with a trusted friend or family member – your first potential investor.

Take one action, then another, and you’ll be amazed what you can do.

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