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MB345: Growing Your Business & Family—with Vivian & Michael Blank

Running a business is never just about the business. Being a successful entrepreneur means finding balance between your personal and professional life. So, how does a multifamily syndicator build a fulfilling family life? Listen in as Vivian and Michael Blank explain how they navigate marriage and parenthood while growing a successful real estate investing business.

MB338: Invest in Real Estate Via Creative Financing – With Christian Osgood


No matter what asset class you want to invest in, creativity is key—especially if you don’t have a rich uncle to help you get started. Don’t ask yourself, ‘Can I do this?’ Ask yourself, ‘How can I do this?’

Listen in as Christian Osgood shares his top creative strategies for financing real estate deals!

MB316: Financing Multifamily Through a Credit Union – With Mark Ritter


Most investors finance real estate syndications using non-recourse debt with a fixed interest rate. But if you want to exit before the loan expires, you’re going to pay a BIG penalty on the back end. Listen in as Mark Ritter explains why you should consider financing multifamily deals through a credit union versus traditional loans.

How to Find Private Money for Real Estate Investing

how to find private money

How do you raise capital? You’re ready to invest in multifamily properties but you don’t have the cash or credit to get started. The obvious solution is to raise money from private investors. But how do you find your potential investors? It might seem overwhelming, but you can start right where you are. Here are […]

How to Win Deals With Your Real Estate Reputation

  In multifamily, everything hinges on your relationship with brokers. How do you differentiate yourself from all of the other groups out there? Your reputation. What can you do to really enhance that reputation, stand out and have the best in the market? For us, it was to close deals quicker than most groups. When […]

MB 265: Build Relationships, Build a Multifamily Business – With Philippe Schulligen

Build Relationships, Build a Multifamily Business With Philippe Schulligen

MB 265: Build Relationships, Build a Multifamily Business – With Philippe Schulligen beauty of multifamily investing is that you don’t do it alone. If you’re just getting started, you can bring a deal to an experienced operator. And once you’ve built a network of your own, you can flip the script and cosponsor deals […]

MB 258: The Gifting System That Generates a 10X Return – With John Ruhlin

Without the high-net-worth individuals who put money in our deals, we wouldn’t have a syndication business. And yet, most of us are terrible at showing our appreciation to the passive investors we work with. Today, John Ruhlin introduces us to the gift-giving system that earns a 10X return on investment!

MB 133: Designing a Life of Balance – With Ken McElroy

If you ask people to reflect on their regrets, no one ever mentions money or work. Rather, their focus tends toward relationships. Today, Ken McElroy joins me to explain how he has designed a life of balance that allows him to scale a successful real estate business AND be fully present with his family.

MB 117: Pushing Your Limits to Strike Multifamily Gold – With Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson’s philosophy is you don’t make money in your comfort zone! She joins me to describe how she pushes limits to reach the next goal, learning from experience as a passive multifamily investor to become a syndicator, raising $1.4M for her first 70-unit deal—and landing a 76-unit property just two months later!