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MB364: Investing in Farmland as Part of a Diversified Portfolio – With Artem Milinchuk

MB 364 Artem Milichuk

Smart investors diversify their portfolios. And while multifamily real estate is our favorite asset class, we love learning about other alternatives to the stock market. Artem Milinchuk suggests investing in farmland, an asset class that does well in times of inflation and appreciates over time. Artem is Founder and Head of Strategy at FarmTogether, a […]

MB344: Making the Most of IRC Section 1031 – With Dave Foster

One of the beautiful things about investing in real estate is its tax benefits. And the 1031 exchange is a common strategy we use to avoid paying capital gains. Listen in as Dave Foster shares his expertise in leveraging IRC Section 1031 to reinvest real estate profits—rather than handing them over to Uncle Sam!

3 Benefits of Tax Free Wealth and Why You Should Start Thinking About it Now

tax free wealth

If you’re ready to start building your wealth, make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: If you want to generate passive income through investing, one crucial factor to consider is how much you’re required to pay in taxes. “Taxes are your largest single expense.” – Robert Kiyosaki Here’s something […]

MB 174: Put Your Money in Motion with Passive Investing – With Ryan McKenna

If you make good money, and you want to make it work for you, passive investing in multifamily syndications may be a perfect fit. Today, Ryan McKenna joins me to explain how he achieved financial freedom as a passive investor and discuss how real estate outperforms other investment options—including the stock market!