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One of the beautiful things about investing in real estate is its tax benefits. And the 1031 exchange is a common strategy we use to avoid paying capital gains.

But most of us haven’t studied IRC Section 1031 enough to know ALL the ways we can use the tax code to reinvest our real estate profits—rather than handing them over to Uncle Sam.

Dave Foster is the 1031 exchange expert, qualified intermediary and tax strategist behind The 1031 Investor, a platform that helps investors build and preserve real estate wealth.

Dave has supported thousands of investors in achieving financial freedom by maximizing their reinvestment opportunities.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dave joins Garrett to discuss the rules for doing a 1031 exchange in a syndication and describe what to look for in a qualified intermediary or QI.

Dave shares his top strategies for buying time in a like-kind exchange and walks us through the tax benefits of converting an investment property into your primary residence.

Listen in to understand the common mistakes investors make in a 1031 exchange and learn how to make the most of the tax code and accelerate your path to financial freedom with real estate!

Key Takeaways

How a 1031 exchange works to help real estate investors

How Dave learned about the 1031 exchange

The rules for doing a 1031 exchange with a syndication

How to diversify a syndication via 1031 exchange

Dave’s strategies for buying time in a 1031 exchange

What to look for in a good, qualified intermediary or QI

How mom-and-pop investors can get into 1031 syndications

How to use the Section 121 exclusion of a 1031 exchange

The top 2 mistakes investors make in a 1031 exchange

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