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MB372: ADUs as a Steppingstone to Multifamily Investing – With Derek Sherrell

Are you interested in multifamily investing but overwhelmed by the prospect of buying an entire apartment building? What if you could dip your toe in the water with accessory dwelling units or ADUs? Listen in as Derek Sherrell explains how to earn passive income by building standalone, detached units on single family lots.

MB370: Finding Your Niche in Short-Term Rentals – With Kyle Stanley

Kyle Stanley

There are so many ways to invest in real estate. And when you’re first learning about the options, it can get overwhelming. But the most successful investors niche down to a single strategy, perfect their processes and rinse, repeat to scale. Listen in as Kyle Stanley explains how he’s succeeding in short-term rentals!

Strategies to Survive Economic Uncertainty

Economic uncertainty is daunting  for everyone, particularly for investors. You may be wondering how to navigate these uncertain times and ensure that your investments remain profitable. To that end, let’s explore some strategies to help you survive economic uncertainty in the world of multifamily real estate syndication Strategies to Survive Economic Uncertainty: A Guide for […]

MB344: Making the Most of IRC Section 1031 – With Dave Foster

One of the beautiful things about investing in real estate is its tax benefits. And the 1031 exchange is a common strategy we use to avoid paying capital gains. Listen in as Dave Foster shares his expertise in leveraging IRC Section 1031 to reinvest real estate profits—rather than handing them over to Uncle Sam!

MB 269: Repositioning Hotels as Multifamily Assets – With Serge Shukhat


COVID decimated the hotel industry, bringing property values down significantly. And now, savvy real estate investors are buying distressed hotels on the cheap and converting them into multifamily properties. Today, Serge Shukhat shares his innovative approach to repositioning hotels as apartment buildings, describing the benefits and barriers to entry of this nontraditional multifamily play!

What Happens When I Exit a Deal?

What Happens When I Exit a Deal?

When an investor hears the word “exit” they often equate it to the sale of a property. Assets are sold, profit is made, and taxes are paid. What if I told you there are ways to exit a deal that will give you a portion of your money back to reinvest, while deferring tax on your capital gains? Today, I’ll address the different options for exiting a deal and how you can determine what to do with your position in a deal that’s ending.

The Anatomy of an Awesome Offer Package for Your Next Multifamily Deal

When you make an offer, you want to put your best foot forward. If you and your offer are taken seriously, there is a better chance you’ll have your contract accepted. Your offer package should achieve two goals: (1) communicate the terms of your offer (of course), but also (2) build your credibility. If your […]