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There are so many ways to invest in real estate. And when you’re first learning about the options, it can get overwhelming.

But the most successful investors niche down to a single strategy, perfect their processes and rinse, repeat to scale.

Kyle Stanley, for example, focuses on short-term rentals, and he has created systems in his business that allow him to work just one or two hours a week!

Kyle is the creator of The Fearless Investor, a platform that helps people learn about the real estate investing game.

He tried several investing strategies before niching down to Airbnb, and nine months in, he was grossing over $25,000 a month!

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Kyle joins Garrett to explain how the short-term rental arbitrage and cohosting models work for aspiring investors who don’t own property themselves.

Kyle shares the mission behind his brand, The Fearless Investor, and challenges aspiring investors to conquer our fears through action.

Listen in for Kyle’s advice on uncovering your real estate investing niche and find out if the short-term rental model is right for you!

Key Takeaways

How Kyle got into the short-term rental business

Why a STR arbitrage tenant is better than a long-term tenant

The 3 types of short-term rental models in Kyle’s portfolio

  1. Properties he owns
  2. Properties he rents (arbitrage)
  3. Cohosting properties

Kyle’s responsibilities as an Airbnb cohost for property owners

What makes Kyle successful in a non-vacation destination

What Kyle does with an underperforming STR

How Kyle thinks about luxury Airbnbs

Kyle’s advice on finding your niche in real estate investing

The mission behind Kyle’s Fearless Investor brand

Kyle’s advice for people who are paralyzed by fear

The benefit of building a STR business in your local market

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