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MB423: Mastering Online Marketing for Multifamily Syndication — With Todd Heitner

Todd Heitner

In this episode of Podcasts, Michael Blank, along with co-host Garrett Lynch, speaks with Todd Heitner about the importance of having a robust online marketing platform for raising capital in real estate. Todd Heitner, the CEO of Apartment Investor Pro, brings over two decades of experience in designing websites and marketing solutions for real estate investors.

MB377: Overcoming Low Market Sentiment in Multifamily – With John Casmon

The recent foreclosure on 3,200 units in Houston has investors nervous about putting their money in multifamily. But does that default mean we should all be sitting on the sidelines? Listen in as John Casmon explains how to overcome low market sentiment and take advantage of the opportunities in apartments available right now!

MB336: How to Launch Your Own Real Estate Fund – With Bridger Pennington

Think you need an Ivy League education or 20 years of experience on Wall Street to set up a fund? Think again! Listen in as Bridger Pennington explores the pros and cons of syndications versus funds, explaining how to simplify the process of raising money for multiple real estate deals through a fund.

Can You Buy An Apartment Building Without Using Your Own Money?


Do you want to get started with apartment buildings, but you think you can’t because you don’t have enough money? Hang on to your hat, because the truth is, you don’t need to be rich to buy an apartment building. You don’t have to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. Can you […]

How To Raise Money For Multifamily Property Investing In 4 Easy Steps


How To Raise Money For Multifamily Property Investing If you’re raising money for multifamily investing, download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Are you ready to get started investing in multifamily real estate? Passive investing is a great way to go. You have the opportunity to invest in different markets and asset […]

MB302: To Scale Fast, Think BIG from the Beginning – With Chris Roberts


It’s a common misconception in multifamily investing that you have to start small. But Chris Roberts accelerated his success by thinking BIG from the beginning to envision a multimillion-dollar business. Today, Chris shares his secret to scaling fast and explains how his firm, Sterling Rhino Capital, acquired 1,000 units worth $69M in just 3 years!

MB278: Raising Money Through a Fund vs. Single-Asset Deals – With Joe Fairless


The vast majority of multifamily syndicators don’t stop with one property. And with each new deal, we start the stressful process of raising capital all over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Today, Joe Fairless explains why he has pivoted from raising money for individual deals to raising money through a fund.

MB 235: What Is a Platform & Why Should You Build One?

What’s the secret to growing a multimillion-dollar syndication business? The strategy that has worked for my team, allowing us to raise MILLIONS effortlessly in just a few days, starts with building an online thought leadership platform. Today, I’m walking you through the 3 pillars of platform building for multifamily real estate investors!