So, you’ve done a multifamily deal or two, and your friends and family are maxed out in the money department. You’re ready to take on bigger and bigger deals, but you’re struggling to raise capital. What is the best way to grow your investor base?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist and the creator of Debt-Free Doctor, a platform designed to help doctors and other high-income professionals generate passive income from real estate so they can STOP trading time for money. Jeff started his blog to share how he paid off $300K in student loan debt. But once he was debt-free, Jeff shifted his focus to investing and acquiring streams of passive income through multifamily syndications. Today, he is raising millions in days for real estate deals.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jeff joins cohost Patricia Sweeney and I to discuss how the Debt-Free Doctor has evolved, explaining how he creates content consistently and what he does to promote the platform and grow his investor base. Jeff walks us through the benefit of joining his Passive Investors Circle, describing how he gives doctors and other overworked professionals options for earning passive income. Listen in to understand how serving his audience inspires Jeff to keep going and learn how he raised $2.7M in five days for his latest multifamily deal!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Jeff’s interest in real estate investing

  • Wrist injury on ski trip inspired interest in passive income
  • Successful people had real estate, 3 to 9 income streams

Jeff’s first experience with real estate investing

  • Discovered crowdfunding with Realty Shares
  • Relied on website and lost $50K

How Jeff’s website has evolved over the years

  • Began as diary on getting out of student loan debt
  • Now educates high-income earners on real estate

How Jeff got into raising capital for real estate syndications

  • Sponsor reached out because of blog and podcasts
  • Started Passive Investor Circle (raised $2.7M for deal)

Who Jeff serves through Debt-Free Doctor

  • Doctors, other high-income earners (accredited investors)
  • Overworked professionals looking for options

What Jeff has done to grow his list

  • Site for physicians shared articles and boosted traffic
  • Capture addresses with Passive Investor Circle

The benefit of joining Jeff’s Passive Investor Circle

  • Free Passive Income Guide and series of emails
  • Learn about deals Jeff invests in, set up time to talk

How Jeff comes up with content ideas for his blog

  • Topics he reads/hears about online and on podcasts
  • Keyword research for subjects that will rank

How Jeff produces content consistently

  • Write between patients
  • Inspired by being able to serve, change lives

What’s next for Jeff and his real estate platform

  • Start podcast, speak at in-person events
  • Create own event or write book

Jeff’s advice for syndicators struggling to raise capital

  • Determine the ONE thing (grow investor base)
  • Delegate or don’t do anything that doesn’t do that

Jeff’s advice for aspiring platform builders

  • Invest in marketing platform, calculate ROI
  • Don’t reinvent wheel

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