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The vast majority of multifamily syndicators don’t stop with one property. And with each new deal, we start the stressful process of raising money all over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way! So, how does it work to raise capital for multiple deals through a fund?

Joe Fairless is the Cofounder and Partner at Ashcroft Capital, a multifamily firm that invests in 200-plus-unit value-add deals. The Ashcroft team has a portfolio of 38 properties, and in February of 2021, they pivoted from raising money for individual deals to raising capital through funds.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Joe joins me (and the attendees of Deal Maker Live) to discuss the pros and cons of raising money through a fund. He explains the benefit of being able to spread out your capital raise over time, bring on investors whenever they’re ready, and comingle money among deals. Listen in for insight on how Ashcroft structures its funds and find out if YOU’RE ready to start raising money for multifamily through a fund!

Key Takeaways 

How Joe achieves work-life integration

How Ashcroft Capital structures its funds

The downside of raising money for funds

Joe’s take on the advantages of raising money for funds

When you should consider raising money through a fund

The pros and cons of using Rule 506(c)

Why Joe’s fund raises money for both class A and B properties

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