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3 Reasons Why Group Learning is Better Than Doing it Alone

Remember back in school when your teacher would organize group projects? 
If you were lucky, you’d have some of your friends with you or even the really smart kid who’d do all the work. 

In school, group projects rarely accomplished what they were supposed to. There were always those kids who didn’t carry their weight or “forgot their work at home.”

MB328: Live from DML: The Multifamily Market Outlook – With Robert Helms


According to the mainstream media, the sky is falling in the real estate market. But is that entirely true? Listen in as Robert Helms shares his multifamily market outlook, exploring the current opportunities and threats to investors and explaining what YOU can do to prepare for a fundamental change to the global economy.

MB319: An Introvert’s Guide to Raising Capital – With Jonathan Wei

An Introverts Guide to Raising Capital

English is Jonathan Wei’s second language and he’s a quiet, introverted guy. And yet, he’s raised millions of dollars for multifamily syndication deals. What’s his secret? Listen in as Jonathan explains how to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve the same success in commercial real estate that you’ve had in other areas of your life!

Why Should You Come to Deal Maker Live?


DML is only weeks away, and we’re getting excited! Be sure to download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Why Should You Come to Deal Maker Live? You already know,  DML is the #1 multifamily investing event in America, and this year, our keynote speaker is Daymond John, star of ABC’s Shark […]

MB278: Raising Money Through a Fund vs. Single-Asset Deals – With Joe Fairless


The vast majority of multifamily syndicators don’t stop with one property. And with each new deal, we start the stressful process of raising capital all over again. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Today, Joe Fairless explains why he has pivoted from raising money for individual deals to raising money through a fund.

MB 273: A SEAL’s Take on Responding to Adversity – With Chad Williams

A Seal's Take on Responding to Adversity

Adversity is not optional. And while you don’t have control over what happens, you DO control how you respond. Are you going to let adversity knock you down? Or will you rise to the occasion? Today, Chad Williams explains how the Navy SEAL idea of being ‘forged by adversity’ applies to multifamily investing!

College Vs. Multifamily

College vs multifamily

Earlier on the blog, I touched on what I’m teaching my kids about building wealth so they can go on to be responsible, thoughtful and wise investors. Today, I wanted to take things a step further and speak directly with the younger generation. A lot of you have reached out to me over the past […]

Deal Maker Live Virtual 2020! Roundup & Review

Deal Maker Live Virtual

We did it! Deal Maker Live 2020 went from being a planned-in-person event to a full-on, 4 Day virtual live-stream event, and boy, did we have fun! Hats off to our incredible team who pulled all of this together and executed every detail with intention and thoughtfulness. To our attendees – you were all so […]