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We did it! Deal Maker Live 2020 went from being a planned-in-person event to a full-on, 4 Day virtual live-stream event, and boy, did we have fun!

Hats off to our incredible team who pulled all of this together and executed every detail with intention and thoughtfulness.

To our attendeesyou were all so great! Thank you for being flexible with the technology, showing up to all of our incredible speaker sessions, and how about those break-off networking rooms and roundtable sessions! So much greatness wrapped up in these four days.

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Deal Maker Live Roundup 2020


Deal Maker Live Roundup 2020


Without our speakers and panelists, this event wouldn't have been possible. They showed up with gusto to deliver Deal Maker Live Attendees all the real-time multifamily insights one could want.

We covered syndication basics, Multifamily during the times of Covid-19, we celebrated those who had done their first deal, and the people who have made their way to financial freedom and left their jobs! We held live sessions, heard from industry experts, went into group networking with our favorite speakers, and connected with like-minded others in the industry.

Take a look at this incredible list of speakers! 

Robert Helms
Neal Bawa
Adam Adams
Andrew Cushman
Anna Kelley
Anthony Metzger
Brad Tacia
Brandon Turner
Brian Briscoe
Brian Burke
Brian Mallin
Bruce Fraser
Corey Peterson
Craig Schumacher
Damion Lupo
Dan Handford
Dave Zook
David Acosta
Drew Kniffin
Ellie Perlman 
Eric Shirley
Joe Fairless
John Cohen
Jonathan Twombly
Josh Sterling
Kate Buck
Kyle Mitchell
Matt Brawner
Monick Halm
Paul Moore
Phil Capron
Pili Yarusi
Reed Goossens
Spencer Hilligoss
Todd Butler
Todd Dexheimer
Tom Wheelwright
Veena Jetti
Vinney Chopra
Jerome Myers

Deal Maker Live Roundup 2020

Deal Maker Live Roundup 2020


” I loved the variety of guests who were at different levels of their business.” – Mantovani G.

“I loved that there was a theme for the presenters to follow and they kept it upbeat BUT – real at the same time. No one wants to hear fluff and dismiss the realities of our world. So I was grateful that the speakers were open and honest…” –  Jackie M.

“For me personally, making connections with like-minded folks! Also, being able to hear and submit questions to the “big hitters”! – Ron R.

“So much good info on many topics. It was well presented – thank you!” – Michael D.

“Possibility to be with all like-minded people from the convenience of my house and network for real. We had much more time for networking this way comparing to the in-person experience. I loved it deeply! Speakers and topics top-notch or better said exactly what I expected from Michael's event. GREAT JOB! THANK YOU!” – Marija F.

“The diversity of speakers and content was refreshing.”- Winston W.

“I appreciated how everything flowed well and that all of the segments were on time and quite informative based on current economic factors. Neal Bawa and Robert Helms delivered… loved the content.” –  eM.

“All of the speakers were great and I enjoyed the roundtable discussions I was able to join, but, as someone just starting out, the networking sessions were the best for me. ” – David V.

If you missed out on Deal Maker Live this year, don't worry – you can still get lifetime access to the recordings from the event AND this is something we host annually! 2021 will bring a whole new round of speakers and networking for us.



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