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When Phil Capron went through special ops training for the US military, he noticed that the recruits who made it to the end weren’t necessarily the strongest or the fastest or the smartest. So, what differentiated the 20 who succeeded from the thousands vying for the job? They simply refused to quit. And Phil believes that the same principle applies to making it in multifamily investing.

Phil is a former Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman in the US Navy and current full-time multifamily real estate investor. To date, he owns a 245-unit portfolio worth $15M in Coastal Virginia and shares his understanding of the space as a Senior Mentor with the Michael Blank Organization. Phil specializes in revitalizing distressed and underperforming assets to ensure profitability for his team and change neighborhoods for the better. He is also the author of the new release Your VA Loan: And How it Can Make You a Millionaire.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Phil joins me to explain how taking advantage of a VA loan sparked his initial interest in real estate. He walks us through his transition from working in a brokerage and flipping houses to full-time multifamily investing, sharing his advice around when to quit a W-2 job for real estate. Listen in for Phil’s insight into what differentiates his successful mentoring students from those who don’t progress and learn how the grit he developed in military special ops training informs his investing career.

Key Takeaways

How Phil got started in real estate

What inspired Phil’s transition to multifamily

When Phil started investing full-time

Phil’s advice on when to quit your job

Phil’s take on why people don’t take action

How Phil spends his days as a full-time investor

Phil’s insight on why your story matters

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