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MB401: How to Transition from a W-2 to Entrepreneurship — With Elaine Stageberg

Many real estate investors hesitate to step away from the perceived security of their W-2, even after they’ve replaced their living expenses. Others leave their regular job and then feel lost because they don’t have a sense of purpose. Listen in as Dr. Elaine Stageberg explains how to transition from a W-2 to full-time entrepreneurship!

MB298: The 4 Levels of Financial Freedom – With Mandy McAllister

MB298The 4 Levels of Financial FreedomWith Mandy McAllister

The more truth you put to any problem, the easier it is to solve. So, if you want to quit your W-2 job, start by doing the math. Because once you know how much you need to cover your living expenses, it’s just a matter of building your multifamily portfolio step by step until you […]

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndications

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Syndications

They say there are two sides to every coin. How does this apply to real estate syndications? Well, did you know that one of the most famous buildings in the United States, the Empire State Building, was purchased through a real estate syndication? That’s right. It was the first of its kind. 3000 people came […]

MB 239: Developing a Can-Be-Done Mindset for Multifamily – With Jeremy LeMere

So, you know that multifamily investing would help you achieve financial freedom on an accelerated timeline. But you just don’t BELIEVE that you can do it. Today, Jeremy LeMere joins me to explain how he leveraged a mentoring program to overcome limiting beliefs and develop the confidence to invest in commercial real estate!

MB 236: The Financial Freedom to Do What You Love – With Megan Lamke

Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? Today, Megan Lamke joins me to explain how she achieved financial freedom, quit her corporate job and built a thought leadership platform to raise capital for syndications.

MB 202: Quit Your W-2 in Two Years (at Age 26!) – With Will Harvey

Quit Your W-2 in Two Years

Two years ago, Will Harvey thought that only people with millions of dollars could own apartment buildings. By the end of 2019, he quit his W-2 job (at the age of 26!) to pursue multifamily full time. Today, Will joins me to explain how learning from podcasts and joint venture partnerships contributed to his success.

MB 198: The Calculated Courage to Do Your First Deal – With Craig Schumacher, MAI

The Calculated Courage to Do Your First Deal – With Craig Schumacher

Is fear stopping you from doing your first multifamily deal? Nervous about losing the relative safety (and health insurance) that comes with a W-2? Today, Craig Schumacher joins me to explain how he developed the calculated courage to quit his job as a real estate appraiser and build his own multifamily and student housing portfolio.

MB 190: From VA Loan to Multifamily Investing Career – With Phil Capron


Going through special ops training for the US military, Phil Capron noticed that the recruits who made it to the end weren’t necessarily the strongest or the fastest or the smartest. Today, Phil joins me to explain how the grit that made him successful in the armed forces informs his multifamily investing career.