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Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? What if you could achieve financial freedom fast—regardless of your current financial situation?

Megan Lamke is Managing Partner at Megan Lamke Real Estate, a firm that helps driven women turn their grit into true financial growth. She built a network of real estate investors working for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and once she and her husband, Darik, had paid off their personal debt ($535K in under 5 years!), they started investing passively in multifamily syndications. Megan quit her corporate job to pursue active investing full-time in April of 2019, and today, the Lamkes have a portfolio of 1,491 units valued at $344M.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Megan joins me to explain why she took a W-2 job after college (despite wanting to become a real estate entrepreneur) and what she and Darik did to live below their means and pay off their debt so fast. She describes what she did to find a good operator as a passive investor and how she leveraged her sales and marketing background to transition to active investing. Listen in for Megan’s insight on how to raise capital at scale with a platform and learn how YOU can achieve financial freedom and spend time doing what you love!

Key Takeaways

When Megan started thinking about real estate

Why Megan took a W-2 job after college

What Megan and her husband did to live below their means

How Megan and her husband got on the same page financially

How Megan’s strategy shifted once she was out of debt

Megan’s advice on finding a good multifamily operator

What Megan’s last day of work was like

How Megan’s life is different now that she’s a full-time investor

What active investing looks like for Megan

What Megan has done to scale her capital raise efforts

What Megan is doing to attract prospective investors to her platform

How Megan describes her ideal investor

How the automation works to turn interested prospects into investors

How much capital Megan has raised through her online platform

How raising capital looks different now that Megan has a platform

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