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MB391: The Exception to the Law of the First Deal – With Ed Hermsen

Ed Hermsen

Ed Hermsen’s first multifamily deal fell in his lap, and he got it done fast. But because that initial success came easy, Ed hadn’t worked on his mindset. Listen in as Ed explains why it took him 2 years to buy his second apartment building and what he did to get back into the game!

MB340: Upgrade Investor Relations Through Syndication Software – With Perry Zheng

Upgrade Investor Relations Through Syndication Software

If you’re a new syndicator with a small network, you can keep track of investors on a spreadsheet and raise money manually. But the process becomes more and more tedious as your investor database grows. Listen in as Perry Zheng explains how investor management software automates the process of raising equity for multifamily syndications!

MB 236: The Financial Freedom to Do What You Love – With Megan Lamke

Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? Today, Megan Lamke joins me to explain how she achieved financial freedom, quit her corporate job and built a thought leadership platform to raise capital for syndications.

MB 174: Put Your Money in Motion with Passive Investing – With Ryan McKenna

If you make good money, and you want to make it work for you, passive investing in multifamily syndications may be a perfect fit. Today, Ryan McKenna joins me to explain how he achieved financial freedom as a passive investor and discuss how real estate outperforms other investment options—including the stock market!

MB 171: Passive Investing in Today’s Market – With Bronson Hill

If you’ve got money to invest, you’ve got a lot of options. Today, Bronson Hill is interviewing me about the pros and cons of the investing in the stock market, single-family homes and apartment syndications. I explain the difference between active and passive investing and share the current market outlook for multifamily!