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When you’re a new real estate syndicator with a smaller network, you can keep track of investors with a spreadsheet and work through the process of raising money manually.

But as you grow your investor database, it becomes more and more tedious to do things this way.

The good news is, you can leverage investor management software to automate the process of drafting legal documents and wiring money, saving yourself and your investors a lot of time and trouble.

So, how do you choose an investor portal that’s the right fit for you and your syndication business?

Perry Zheng is Founder and CEO of Cash Flow Portal, a real estate syndication platform that helps syndicators streamline the process of raising equity, automate operations and attract more investors.

Perry began his career as a software engineer, taking on roles at Twitter, Amazon and Lyft. He has also acted as lead sponsor on three apartment syndications, raising $20M to build a portfolio of 850 units.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Perry joins Garrett and me to explain how his frustrations with the process of raising capital inspired the creation of Cash Flow Portal.

Perry discusses how GPs and LPs alike benefit from using an investor management platform and describes what differentiates Cash Flow Portal from other syndication software on the market.

Listen in for Perry’s insight on vetting investor management software and find out if Cash Flow Portal is the right long-term partner for you!

Key Takeaways 

The experiences that inspired Perry to build Cash Flow Portal

What frustrations Perry addressed by creating Cash Flow Portal

Perry’s take on what software you need as a new syndicator

How LPs benefit from using an investor management portal

How GPs benefit from using an investor management portal

Perry’s top 2 ways for syndicators to attract new leads

How Cash Flow Portal creates time savings for LPs

How Cash Flow Portal creates time savings for GPs

How to vet software to make sure it’s the right fit for you

What differentiates Cash Flow Portal from other software

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